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For That Special Image
Hi my name is Paul Stanton welcome to my website. My desire when taking a photograph has always been to capture that special image, the unforgettable moment in time that has created a lasting memory, but in a way that you can physically hold in your hand and say “that’s how I remember it”.
Until now I have always believed my passion for photography began when my wife, then my girlfriend, bought me my first SLR camera, but writing this introduction to my website I have realised although that was an important milestone in my photography, the journey began a long time before. I am blessed to have creative parents, my father is an amateur artist and photographer and my mother a fine seamstress. I have come to realise that through both my father and mother I developed an understanding of light, colour and composition, 3 key elements in capturing that special image where the observer is drawn in to the photograph and lives the experience of the subject.

If you have read this far, may I assume that we are both looking for the same thing? How I can help you capture those special images from that momentous event that is about to happen in your life. Be it a wedding, a christening, a milestone birthday, retirement, award ceremony or just that unique gift of a portrait for a loved one.

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